Close to the commuter train railroad just north of Stockholm I saw its entrances daily when going to work. Two large doors leading into the rock with some half rotten wood construction around them. Assuming they were all locked up I didn't pay much attention to them until a work mate told me something which awoke my interest. He had, during a walk, found that there was a way in! With no proper equipment (like at least a flashlight) he went as far as the the light from outside allowed that time. Not so far. Shortly after he told me about the discovery and we decided to check the place out.
   So in the afternoon on Friday October 30:th 1999 we packed up my car with the camera equipment, proper clothing and coffee. The unusually late fall shed its last yellow leafs on the car as we went down the dirt road leading us to UL13 Antuna, an abandoned military train depot.

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