Abandoned & Industrial Photography

by Björn Sahlberg

Schloss HP

lutheran baroque

Former DDR Germany

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The end of World War II was also the end of nearly 400 years of von Ownership for this rural baroque castle in northern Germany. After the war the estate was expropriated by the newly formed GDR (DDR) and turned into a technical school for agriculture and social education. With the fall of The Wall in 1989 and subsequent reunification of Germany the schloss was put to use as a training facility for teachers by the local Bundesland. The training facility closed in 1998 and the property changed hands several times until 2012 when a family with ambitions acquired it. Renovation began immediately and today the palace is used for posh weddings and classy conferences.

Fun fact: Luther stayed at the schloss no fewer than three times. In 1519, 1536 and 1542.


October 2011

February 2016

January 2024

Former DDR Germany

Hasselblad 500c/m Zeiss Distagon 50 mm F/4 Kodak Ektar 100 Imacon Flextight Photo

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