Abandoned & Industrial Photography

by Björn Sahlberg

Derelict and quaint locations in Sweden and Europe. And yes, there will be abandoned toilets. And wheelchairs.


Schloss Raben Steinfeld

renaissance revival in red

Schloss Raben Steinfeld. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

Usine de Temps

derelict spacetime

Usine de Temps. Saint-Nicolas-d'Aliermont, Normandy, France.

Soviet Military Base SW

a song for hangars and barracks

Soviet Military Base SW. Former DDR, Germany.


steam power saw to blinds

Ångsågen. Uppland, Sweden.

Karlit Board Factory

at the end of the plank

Karlit Board Factory. Karlholmsbruk, Uppland, Sweden.

Kurhotel Rögener

the one star review

Kurhotel Rögener. Braunlage, Niedersachsen, Germany.

Lesjöfors bruk

wired down to sprung up

Lesjöfors bruk. Filipstad, Värmland, Sweden.

Soviet Military Base FZ

far out red treads

Soviet Military Base FZ. Former DDR, Germany.


mehr (abandoned) Licht!


Soviet Military Base V

hoop and glory

Soviet Military Base V. Former DDR, Germany.

The First Two Decades

an anniversary exhibition

ASKA.nu – The First Two Decades

Smältverket Pumpen

melting pot turning cold

Smältverket Pumpen. Katrineholm, Sweden.

El Molinar de Alcoy

where the wild poppies grow

El Molinar de Alcoy. Alicante, Spain.

Советские остановки

fading stars

Советские остановки / Soviet Stops. Former DDR, Germany.

Château Chevalier Croquis

sketchy splendor

Château Chevalier Croquis. France.

Nyhamns sulfitfabrik

smell the decay

Nyhamns sulfitfabrik. Medelpad, Essvik, Sweden.

Jordberga sockerbruk

industrial eye candy

Jordberga sockerbruk. Skåne, Sweden.

Tyfors krutfabrik

holey mountain, hidden village

Tyfors krutfabrik. Värmland, Sweden.


abandoned! wheelchairs!

Schlossjagd. Former DDR, Germany.

Hotel Heinrich Heine

tainted treetop treasure

Hotel Heinrich Heine, Schierke, Germany.


outside the comfort zone



funky facilities


Stockholm Industrial

rusty ramblings

Stockholm Industrial


bricks and balls

Tegelbruket. Västmanland, Sweden.


smörgåsbord abandoned


Céramiques Simons

pattern recognitión

Céramiques Simons. Le Cateau-Cambrésis, Nord, France.


exercise's end

Ulanenkaserne. Düsseldorf, Germany.


old flames fading

Cimetière camions de pompiers. France.


friends forever

Arenastaden. Solna, Stockholm, Sweden.

Råsundastadion Arena

from foes to friends

Råsundastadion. Stockholm, Sweden.

Båstnäs Auto Cemetery

pines and pile ups

Båstnäs bilkyrkogård. Värmland, Sweden.

Château of Singers

final hit

Château of Singers. France.

Filature Badin

spinning until the end

Filature Badin. Barrentin, Normandy, France.

Château Fossé

castle waiting

Château Fossé. France.

The Whaling Station

sucata à vista!

The Whaling Station / Fábrica da Baleia. Capelas, Açores.

Ulvsunda cementfabrik

plant with plants

Ulvsunda cementfabrik. Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden.

Château du Pianiste

overgrown glory

Château du Pianiste. Hauts-de-France, France.

Kyrkö Mosse Auto Cemetery

final stall

Kyrkö Mosse bilkyrkogård. Ryd, Sweden.

VEB Kraftfuttermischwerk

fodder for photography

Mischwerk F. Former DDR, Germany.


had a seat

Möbelfabriken. Southern Sweden.

Enköpings stadshotell

an era checks out

Enköpings stadshotell. Enköping, Sweden.

Hotel Verlassene Lampen

past luminance

Hotel Verlassene Lampen. Former DDR, Germany.


glacepinne au faur

Glasspinnefabriken. Skåne, Sweden.

Djurgårdsvarvet & Beckholmen

disappearing dockside

Djurgårdsvarvet & Beckholmen. Stockholm, Sweden.

Fårbo sågverk

saw no more

Fårbo sågverk. Oskarshamn, Sweden.


four little buildings

Borgen. Blekinge, Sweden.

KVS Sanatorium

cough's end

KVS Sanatorium. Skåne, Sweden.

Stripa gruva

iron mine put to rust

Stripa Gruva. Bergslagen, Sweden.

Seebad Prora

not all walls crumbled

Seebad Prora KdF. Rügen, Germany.

Västerås ångkraftverk

boiling point turning cold

Västerås ångkraftverk. Västerås, Sweden.

Fredriksbergs pappersbruk

from liner to pulp

Fredriksbergs pappersbruk. Fredriksberg, Sweden.

Stora Vika cementfabrik

structures hardened in time

Stora Vika cementfabrik. Nynäshamn, Sweden.


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