Kafé 44, Stockholm, April 3, 2001
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The most exiting thing that happend this night is that I was almost knocked out by Stabb's bass player. He performed what could be described as a stage jump just when "Demons" were a few chords into their first song. All went well though. Except for the shooting. Got a couple of decent pics but never got into the mood really. Café 44 is a great place in many ways and the sound is often surprisingly good, but to start rockin' around 8 o'clock at night feels too early. The lack of beer doesn't help either. Got the feeling that many in the sparse audience felt the same way. But the bands did well, so no shame on them!

Never heard SIC before so I was surprised by their tight punk sound. They also managed to get the violin to sound like standard equipment for any punk ensamble. Not bad!

STABB did their stuff and did it well, too. Still amazed by the singers voice though. I wonder in exactly what part of her throat she manages to get that guttural like sound that is something of a trademark.

When "DEMONS" came on stage the clock was already getting close to 10* so their performance was cut short. Still, in that time they more than showed why they're one of the most enjoyable rock acts at the moment! They finished off the set blasting "Some Days Are Worse Than Others" that again proved that their earlier songs are stronger than many of the newer ones.

*Due to complaining neighbors Café 44 isn't allowed to have concerts after 10 o'clock.
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