Flaking facilities.

Oh the call of nature … 

Yours truly

Subconsciously I have gathered a fair share of abandoned commodities over the years. My only little comfort is that I'm not alone, judging from other explorer's collections. Also it's sometimes the only artefact of human needs left. That must be why, yes. Yes indeed.

Door ajar at Beckhomberga, Stockholm.

The door left ajar to the open facilities of the exercise area of Beckomberga, once one of Sweden's most (in)famous mental asylums.
Stockholm, Sweden. October 2009.

Over and out at Beckomberga, Stockholm.

Over and out and left in the corner.
Beckomberga, Stockholm, Sweden. October 2009.

With a view at Château Pont-Rémy.

A bedroom with a view – and facilities at Château du Pianiste.
Picardie, France. May 2010.

Badfacilities at Soviet Military Base SB.

Funky and flaky at the Soviet Military Base SB.
Germany, October 2014.

Badtoilet at the badlands.

Badtoilet at the Solna Badlands. A printed version was on display in the bathroom (where else) at the hall of celebrations of Brf Förmannen in Bromma between 2014 and 2017.
Stockholm, Sweden. November 2009.

Badtoilets at Seebad Prora.

Lined up at Seebad Prora.
Rügen, Germany. March 2008.

Badtoilets at Krutfabriken.

Booths at Krutfabriken. The toilet paper still left in the dispensers were from the 40s (its glossy texture was confirmed by my grandmother to be typical for that era).
The deep woods, Sweden. November 2012.

45 degrees and counting at the old boiler room at Tidafors.

45 degrees and counting at the old tricot factory's boiler building in Tidafors.
Tidafors, Sweden. September 2007.

Badtoilet with a view at Hospital T in former DDR, Germany.

Seat with a view at Hospital T.
Germany, October 2014.

Badtoilet at Gamla riksarkivet, Stockholm.

Diamant at gamla riksarkivet.
Riddarholmen, Stockholm. May 2009.

Badtoilets at KVS, Vejbystrand.

Facilites with pigeon at Kronprinsessan Victorias kustsanatorium.
Vejbystrand, Sweden. August 2008.

Really badtoilet at Ulanenkaserne, Düsseldorf.

Really badtoilet at Ulanenkaserne.
Düsseldorf, Germany. October 2009.

Badtoilet at the Ice Cream Stick Factory, Arkelstorp.

Sooty seat at the Ice Cream Stick Factory.
Arkelstorp, Sweden. August 2009.

Badtoilet at fasta paviljongen, Säter.

Outdoor commodity at fasta paviljonen.
Säter, Sweden. May 2005.

Badtoilet roll at HC Sländan, Avesta.

Badtoilet roll at HC Sländan.
Avesta, Sweden. December 2009.

Badtoilet at Tuna-Hästberg's old mine

Mining with facilities down in the old iron mine.
Tuna-Hästberg, Sweden. December 2010.

Badtoilet at Långholmen, Stockholm

Flamed facilities at Långholmen.
Stockholm, Sweden. December 2006.

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